Tech Spec & Show Details

What is the show?

The Invisible Man is a two person walkabout/promenade street theatre show involving The invisible Man and his doctor in a 30 minute roaming performance with three sets performed per day (other requirements can be catered for) The Invisible Man is an all encompassing suit that allows the public to interact with a truly ‘Invisible Man’, peer into his innards and communicate with him via his doctor’s apparatus which will turn his thoughts into speech and allow live interaction. It uses digital projection fans that manipulate persistence of vision, allowing the audience to witness his anatomical features appear from within.

Where can it happen?

It can be performed wherever two people can be, the Invisible Man is close to 8 feet tall but can cover a large performance distance and interact with many different areas within its performance time.  

The show is suitable for all ages and can be performed anywhere, the performers are fully trained and experienced outdoor arts experts, regardless of the situation, we can bring an amazing experience to your event.

The show is fully self contained, needing only a standard parking space and reasonable access to the dressing room and performance area. We only require a secure dressing room with close proximity to the performance area.

All electronics are fully mobile and sound systems, audio visual systems and lighting are self contained. For multiple days engagement we only need a power socket to recharge batteries. 

Covid safety

The performance has been designed with current Covid limitations considered and we have full public liability insurance and Covid risk assessments in place. The performance can be enjoyed from a distance and each performer has an all encompassing face covering, with the sound system allowing interaction at a suitable distance. We have Audio Visual systems suitable for all light conditions including evening performances. The show is self stewarding with the second character maintaining a safe audience figure and moving or manipulating them if required according to current regulations. 

Altered States is proud to be a member of the National Association of Street Artists UK (NASA UK) and Outdoor Arts UK