Altered States

Altered States is based in Manchester and was founded by Marc Parry in 2018 after a lifelong love of classic Sci-Fi and creating props needed to be combined. Marc began creating outdoor performance in unconventional spaces while still at drama school as part of Manchester’s Streets Ahead programme in 2000. He then started an ongoing working relationship with renowned Outdoor Arts company Artizani and in the 20 years since has gone on to work with and develop shows for many of the longest established outdoor art companies, devising and performing throughout the UK and Europe in a variety of different settings, from one person intimate strolling experiences to large scale static performances with audiences of over 10,000 people. He can also occasionally be found working indoors and popping up on the telly box. Marc doesn’t have children yet but is a devoted guardian to his leatherman.

With Gaulier-style relentlessness he pushed the moment as far as it would go then pushed some more. A perfect example of taking the moment when offered and using it to the full.

Total Theatre.

My little man was mesmerised! I discovered he wanted his superpower to be fire and to be used for good. A brilliant engaging piece by brilliant and talented Altered States.

Uzma Johal MBE (Threshold Co-Founder)

As well as commissioning sponsors that have made The Invisible Man possible, Altered States would like to thank all of the collaborators and individuals who continue to support and advise, including (but not limited to) : Dr James MacPherson (ARTIZANI) Bill Palmer (Avanti Display) and William Freitag.